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Context/ Background:

To establish and operate a reliable supply chain management team aiming to forecast, procure, store, and distribute products across all point of sales which committed to fulfill their requirements on time. Supply chain management plays a major role in business on its end to end process carrying the valuable functions against operations which covers the flow from purchasing, logistics, distribution and inventory.


The supply chain manager directs the process which includes the planning of procurement, shipping, inventory control, logistics, storage and distribution and customer service. The manager ensures that every step of the process is functioning effectively to avoid costly delays and lost sales opportunities.Role Accountabilities:

  • Responsible for the purchasing of devices
  • Managing of local and International Logistics.
  • Responsible for the smooth and efficient end to end operation of the supply chain process including purchasing and delivery.
  • Monitoring the quality, quantity, cost, logistics and storage of goods.
  • Coordinating and controlling the forecasting and order cycle along with associated processes.
  • Liaising and negotiating with OEM and third party suppliers.
  • Assisting in the relationship management of key Supply Chain clients.
  • Range management.
  • Ensuring that stock is managed effectively including ordering of stock in time to ensure not ‘stock outs’
  • Effective monitoring of slow moving product lines.
  • Direct management of the Logistics and warehouse team ensuring KPI’s are met.
  • Monitor Buyer to ensure RFQ, PRQ & LPO process has been processed in timely manner.
  • Ensure profitability and continuous savings for company by conducting and supporting procurement department by means of Quantitative and Qualitative negotiation approach.

Business Impact:

  • ·         Support all point of sales achieving their target thru fulfilment of their requirements on time.
  • ·         Ensure quality products at the lowest possible cost that we keep our expenses at a minimum level at all times.
  • ·         Control forecasting and ordering of stock by considering the market status, prices, profitable margin and demands.
  • ·         An effective management of order, shipment clearance and deliveries with no delays aiming customers’ satisfaction.
  • ·         Build and maintain strong business relationship with the third party suppliers.
  • ·         Ensure appropriate stock level in all point of sales with a proper range, monitor stock ageing to determine non-moving stocks in a timely manner. 

Problem Solving

  • Effective management of stocks by monitoring the sales and inventory to ensure not to run out at all times.
  • Ensure the team works within the standard operation procedures, monitor workflow, work completed, error rates and related metrics and take immediate and appropriate action when required.

Planning & Organizing:

  • Ensuring the KPI of Logistics and Warehouse team are met. A continuous monitoring of their performance against it.
  • Maintain coordination of shipping update, product update and orders to all relevant departments.
  • Ensure an accurate and high level of inventory management.
  • Monitor stocks ageing to reduce high percentage of future risk.
  • Ensure proper labelling and filing of documents and data such as Purchase Order, Supplier’s Pricelist, Shipping Documents and Supplier Agreements.
  • Continuous coaching within the team to ensure their standard working performance at all times.

KEY RELATIONSHIPS & DECISION MAKINGTeam working, Coaching/Development & Leadership (Coaching & Leadership applicable to people managers)

  •  Coordination within the team is essential to achieve the highest level of business performance.  A successful goal achievement is resulted by the teamwork of each individual.

Procurement Department has the following personnel:

  • Product Specialist – Responsible for ordering new and existing products, monitoring sales report, managing range, prices, and maintaining good relationship with the supplier of assigned specific brand. 
  • Warehouse Supervisor – Responsible for supervising the stocks in and out in the warehouse, Inventory control, schedule and monitors deliveries and ensure stock level at all times. Shipment Coordinator, Inventory Controllers and Delivery drivers are under this role’s supervision.
  • Shipment Coordinator – Responsible for clearance of international products as well as shipping of those if there’s any International Sales. Maintain relationship with the freight forwarders, clearing agents and ictQatar.
  • Warehouse and Inventory Controllers – Responsible for all incoming and outgoing stocks as well as the stocks in the warehouse. Ensure shops stock level and replenishment.
  • Delivery Drivers – Responsible for all deliveries in a timely manner including deliveries to the shops, Corporate, Wholesale customers and Supply Chain clients.

Communicating, negotiating & influencing:

  • Liaise and coordinates with Sales Department to ensure a timely fulfilment of their requirements, provides stocks update and consolidates their forecast.
  • Liaise and coordinates with Finance to submit Purchase Order along with the original documents to ensure the supplier get their payments on time.
  • Liaise and coordinates with Supply Chain client (Qtel) to ensure they received their stocks on time, updated on products and prices and manage their inventory, replenishment and reconciliation. Responsible for Qtel account by providing them quotation on their requirements as well as supplying there POs.
  • Coordinates with Facilities, Marketing and Enterprise Department to support their requirements by purchasing it on time and commit on the timescale of deliveries.

Decision Making

  • This role has an ability to take decisions on day-to-day operation within the level of authority ensuring a positive output/impact in the company unless those critical issues that required approval of the next level of management.
  • Required a minimum supervision.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2021-04-06
Job Location: Doha, Qatar
Job Role: Purchasing and Procurement
Company Industry: Accounting; Telecommunications

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Degree: Bachelor’s degree

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