HR Officer


Job Description

Job Scope

Provides support in various human resources functions which include p e rs o n n e l i ss u e s a n d r e l a t ed a c t i vi t i es w i t h i n t h e h o s p i t a l from joining till end of tenure supports the development of H u m an Re s o u rc es Dep a r t m e n t initiatives and systems . Provides counseling on policies and procedures and the h o s p i t a l rsquo s b u si n e s s o b j e c t i v es.

Job Responsibilities

  • Provides administrative support in respect to all personnel matters facilitating the requests of the employees and addresses employee concerns as per policy.
  • Assists in preparation and processes personnel actions as new hiring transfers promotions resignations demotions as per the established policies and notifying the whole HR team relevant department and staff updating the system contracts job description and filing of documents in the employee file.
  • Prepares and coordinates with government relation representatives for all matters related to residencies official documents visas licenses etc. using tracking sheet.
  • Coordinates the process of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor contracts and makes sure all related documents are completed on timely manner.
  • Assists in performance appraisal process probationary or as and when needed in compliance with the policies.
  • Assists the Personnel Officer in monitoring and reviewing of personnel policies and administrative procedures.
  • Maintains attendance records for all hospital staff. Verifies daily attendance punctuality pay adjustments and calculates deductions such as late coming absenteeism etc.
  • Keeps track of leave time such as sick leaves short leaves and time back and comply with the hospital related policies. Prepares monthly routine summaries to issue accurate payroll adjustments and ensures the smooth process of pay distribution.
  • Prepares all correspondence letters and internal memos according to the procedures of personnel division.
  • Assists with annual ticket booking encashment as per the policy whenever required.
  • Assists with ticket booking and hotel reservations for overseas candidates employees and other business delegates based on the contract terms and agreements whenever required.
  • Provides information and assists with the preparation of reports for performance indicators.
  • Retrieves collates and produces statistical information for the Senior Management Team.
  • Modifies the contracts based on departmental requirement and management approval.
  • Assists in documentation required in relevance to actions taken based on investigation and with reference to DASH penalty list.
  • Ensures all information required for salary processing is timely provided to payroll officer.
  • Provides recommendation to enhance occupational health and safety employee work life balance activities.
  • Reports any issues that interrupt smooth functioning of the unit hindering the expected outcomes to the personnel officer.
  • Ensures all new employees rsquo files prepared by Filing Clerk are complete on monthly basis by maintaining a tracking sheet.
  • Maintains complete confidentiality of the hospital business.
  • Prepares KPIs that support the hospital strategic objectives and monitor them to measure compliance and achievement of the expected goals.
    • Job Requirements

      Education and Experience

      • Bachelor University Degree in any field is required.
      • Certification in Human Resources Management is a plus .
      • Fresh graduate or previous experience in Human Resources .
        • Job Specific Technical Skills

          • Excellent Computer Skills
          • Strong attention to detail and good analytical skills
          • Exceptional written and oral communication skills
          • Strong negotiation skills to resolve any disputes and disciplinary matters.
          • Good decision making skills
          • Good knowledge of Kuwait Labor Law and any updates to it.
          • Critical Thinking
          • Multitasking with the ability able to prioritize and work effectively in a constantly changing environment.
          • Excellent interpersonal skills
          • Proven analytical ability
          • Continuous development and self training programs to improve work knowledge and best practices.
            • Other Preferences

              • Bilingual
              • Local candidates with valid and transferable visa in Kuwait


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