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Head Barista to have strong experience 2 years as Head in Specialty Coffee industry and to Assume responsibility for all aspects of the coffee bar
Prepare and serve great espresso and coffee drinks and be the Coffee Expert of our store
Excellent knowledge of coffees their origins their flavours notes and aromas along with the various methods of brewing preparation and presentation.
Proactively train our novice or newly hired baristas.
Perform routine cleaning on the espresso machines
Maintain and uphold all Company and Café policies
Actively work towards creating a superior Café experience through customer service beverage preparation and presentation in store marketing and the upkeep and maintenance of coffee areas
Roasting skills will be an added advantage

Job Types Full time Contract

Salary Up to AED4 500.00 per month


  • Head Barista or Senior Barista 3 years Preferred
  • Specialty Coffee Industry 3 years Required
    • Location

      • Abu Dhabi Preferred
        • Work Remotely

          • No
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